RESINFIT – Antimicrobials : molecular supports of resistances and therapeutic innovations
UMR Inserm 1092


Marie-Cécile Ploy – Director
Tel. : + 33 (0)5 19 56 42 63

Adress : Faculté de Médecine – 2 rue du Docteur Marcland – 87025 LIMOGES CEDEX

Administrative Supervision: University of Limoges Inserm
Parent Institute : GEIST

Associated Research Master: Master – Mention Biologie-Santé 1ère année « Parcours santé » : UE Epidémiologie et mécanismes de résistance au traitement des agents infectieux et parasitaires 2e année « Parcours Génomique & Biotechnologies » : UE génomique microbienne et environnementale
Doctoral School: ED 615 – Biological Sciences and Health (SBS)

Federative structure: FHU SUPORT (University Hospital Federation “SUrvival oPtimization in Organ Transplantation”)

Key figures (31/12/2017)

Professors & Researchers: 10
Engineers, technicians, administratif staff: 4
Doctoral Students: 6
Accreditated to direct research (HDR) : 7

20 people present

Scientific Publication (2012-2017)

Peer reviewed journal: 134
: 1
Book chapters
Conference presentations
: 110
Thesis defended
: 11
Patents: 1
Other: 1


Current projects

ANR : 
ReguloMOBILE (Identifying environmental parameters affecting the dynamics of mobile genetic elements involved in antibiotic resistance dissemination)
PaTHOTOP (Rapid Identification of Bacterial Pathogens by Top-Down Proteomics for Clinical Diagnostics)

Eurupean projects:
COMBACTE (fights antibiotic resistant bacteria by uniting experts across Europe, projet IMI) – coordinator
RESOLVE (H2020 project)


The unit carries out research in two areas :

  • Antibiotic resistance: Study of integrase expression and integron cassette rearrangement in vitro and in vivo ; Integron epidemiology in humans, animals and the environment ; Relevance of integrons detection as an antibiotic resistance marker in the clinical setting and in the environment
  • Cytomegalovirus Characterization of new CMV mutations observed in transplant patients ; Study of the CMV DNA packaging complex for the development of new antiviral drugs targeting this complex ; Development of a first trimester placental explant model, cultivated in vitro or transplanted to a SCID mouse to study viral replication kinetics and the impact on the cell environment

Research themes: Molecular supports of resistances to antimicrobials : focus on resistance to antibiotics, applying the integron model ; focus on resistance to antiviral drugs, applying the cytomegalovirus

Keywords: Antibiotics ; Cytomegalovirus ; Integrons ; Resistance ; Antiviral Drugs ; Bacteria ; Therapeutic

Equipment / Technical resources

Thermal cycler, real-time PCR equipment, fluorescence microscope, Gel Doc, pulsed-field gel electrophoresis / cell culture / large cytomegalovirus strains bank (National Reference Centre), bacterial strains bank, in particular antibiotics multiresistant strains

Technical Platform

BISCEm (Technological Facility for Integrative Biology, Health, Chemistry and Environment)

Scientific valorization

Fields of application: Environment ; health, pharmacy, bio-industry

Enterprise created since 2005: C-Lim (in incubation)


  • National partnerships: CIC 1435, CHU Limoges ; Bacterial Genome Plasticity Unit, Pasteur Institute, Paris ; National Reference Centre for Toxin-Producing Corynebacteria, Pasteur Institute, Paris ; Crystallography and Biological NMR Laboratory, UMR 8015UMR INRA 1282, Tours University; UMR CNRS, Paris 3730, Rouen University ; UMR CNRS 5100, Toulouse University ; Unit of Virus Host Cell Interactions, UJF-EMBL CNRS UMI3265, Grenoble Current
  • International partnerships: Virology department, Medical School Hannover, Germany ; Virology Division, Prince of Wales Hospital, Australia ; Oregon Health and Science University School of Medicine, USA
  • National industrial partnerships: bioMérieux, Sanofi
  • International Industrial Partnerships: Shire, Merck