Post-doc or research engineer | Radio / optical sensor network design

Post­-doctoral or research engineer Position on radio / optical sensor network design

Salary: around 2000 euros/month, depending on experience
Location: Limoges, France


Applications are invited for a post-doctoral (m/f) or research engineer position in the “Integrated and Secure Systems” Chair of Labex Sigma-­‐Lim for a period of 18 months.

The   Labex   Sigma-­‐Lim   “Laboratory   of   Excellence”   emerges   from   collaboration   between   XLIM   Institute (mathematics, informatics, cryptography, electronics, microwave and photonics Institute) and SPCTS Laboratory (Science of Ceramic Processes and Surface Treatments).

More  than  600  investigators  (PhD.  students,  post-­‐docs,  technicians  and  researchers)  work  in  a  dynamical environment  with  modern  equipment.  The  Labex  Sigma-­‐Lim  main  objective  is  to  find  “specific  ceramics, materials and components for integrated, secure and intelligent communication systems”.

The “Integrated and Secure Systems Chair” promotes multidisciplinary research projects for which an overall system optimization is sought between the satisfaction of user needs and energy costs. Two projects are currently underway: Sensor network and RF front-­‐end.

The Sensor network project proposes to realize and test a heterogeneous platform for wireless sensor networks considering transmission technologies based on radio frequencies (RF) and Optical Wireless (OW) including infrared and visible ranges. OW constitutes an attractive solution for short range links in environments where RF communications encounter difficulties because of lack of wireless frequency spectrum or high EM interference. This can be the case in the context of smart cities.

A task of the job position is to integrate into a modular platform, the sensor network demonstrators already realized at XLIM (Poitiers, Limoges and Brive). These include RF fixed and mobile nodes with different standards (short and long range) and OW mobile nodes for indoor environments. The objective is to develop MAC mechanisms to deal with the platform heterogeneity in order to manage the  tradeoffs  between Quality of Service (QoS) and energy consumption. A goal is also to insure the demonstrator performance by an optimal choice of the transmission technology (RF and OW) in indoor or outdoor environment.

The chosen candidate will participate in the deployment of the sensor network platform on the Sense-­‐City Equipex  V1  and  V2.  The  Sense-­‐City  Equipex  provides  a  realistic  urban  test  space  in  climatic  conditions devoted to urban instrumentation. For example, it will permit evaluating the humidity impact on RF node reliability or the robustness of optical wireless as a function of solar luminosity.

The candidate must have a PhD or an engineering diploma in digital communication embedded systems. An experience on sensor networks is welcome. The candidate must master English (spoken, read and written).

The successful candidate will  participate in the  Labex Sigma-­‐Lim sensor  network  project  and  he/she  will participate to the dissemination of research through publications and communications.

This work will be done in collaboration with the Chair holder, his assistant, project manager and research teams in the Labex Sigma-­‐Lim laboratories.

Candidates are  invited  to  submit a CV,  a  cover  letter  and  a  list  of  references  to:    before end of November 2016

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