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Last updated : January 19, 2012

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The process of preparing programs for a digital computer is especially attractive,
not only because it can be economically and scientifically rewarding, but also
because it can be an aesthetic experience much like composing poetry or music.

Donald Knuth - The Art of Computer Programming

TPMath is a library of scientific programs written in Pascal. Available in several versions according to the compiler, it is proposed as an alternative to the famous Numerical Recipes, for which the Pascal version is no longer developed, or to the Borland Numerical Methods Toolbox which is no longer available.

FBMath is the BASIC version, written for the Free Basic compiler.


(811 k)

TPMath : generic version for TP / Delphi / FPC / GPC. Also suitable for multi-language programming.

Last updated : January 13, 2011

(861 k)

DMath : Specific version for Delphi, FreePascal (FPC) and Lazarus.

Last updated : January 13, 2012

(733 k)

GPMath : specific version for GNU Pascal (GPC).

Last updated : April 27, 2011

These libraries are also available on SourceForge:

FBMath (817 k)

FBMath for Free Basic.

Last updated : August 27, 2010

Also available on SourceForge. (18 k)

"Simple Expression Evaluator" (SEE) math parser by "krcko". Modified for use with FBMath.

Last updated : October 2, 2010 (166 k)

Complex numbers and functions.

Last updated : January 19, 2012

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