Animal Molecular Genetics Unit (UGMA)


Blanquet Véronique – Director
(0033) 555 45 76 64


Adress : Laboratoire de Génétique Moléculaire Animale – 123, avenue Albert Thomas – 87060 LIMOGES CEDEX

Administrative Supervision : Université de Limoges INRA

Parent Institute : GEIST

Doctoral School : ED 524 Bio-Santé

Associated Research Master : Recherche Génétique, Physiologie

Professors : 15
EPST researchers : 2
Accreditated to direct research (HDR) : 6
Doctoral Students : 11
Engineers, Technicians : 6
Administratif staff : 1

Peer reviewed journal : 55
Book chapters
: 3
Thesis defended
: 9 
Conference presentations
: 30

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Number of patents filed : 1
Number of industrial or research agreements with major organizations : 12


Through its regional context, our joint University / INRA research unit is particularly interested in beef cattle production through the study of the bovine genome and its function to better understand how genetic variability controls the phenotypic variability of some traits of agronomic interest. The two main themes are :

  1. identification of regions, genes and / or causal mutations involved in muscle development, skeletal development and meat quality, as well as the functional study of gene networks involved in these characters 
  2. study of genes involved in post -translational modifications of proteins (glycosylation), with their effects in various functions, in particular the development of muscles. Our projects are based on integrative biology, particularly using functional genomics methods and bioinformatics. We create and characterize also cellular and animal models in order to address fundamental scientific issues.

Research themes

Bovine Genomics ; Glycobiology and myogenesis ; Genetics and epigenetics aspects of meat quality


Functional genomics ; Muscle ; Cellular Differentiation ; Genetic markers ; Bioinformatics ; Mouse models ; Genetic diversity

Equipment / Technical resources

Outils d’analyse de l’ADN des ARN et des protéines
Outils d’analyses cellulaires


Active National University Partnerships : University of Lille, Blaise Pascal University Clermont-Ferrand ; University of Auvergne Clermont-Ferrand ; Pasteur Institute Paris, INSERM U602 ;  University of Paris 11-South, University of Montpellier
Current International University Partnerships : University of Pisa (Italy) ; University of Bologna (Italy) ; Lebanese University (Lebanon) ; Debrecen University (Hungary) ; Pécs University (Hungary) ; Blida University (Algeria) ; University of Jordan ; Agronomic and veterinary ; Hassan II institute of Rabat (Morocco)
National Industrial Partnerships : Institute of Animal Husbandry ;  Allice (National Association of Livestock and Artificial Insemination Cooperatives) ; Ingenomix ; Lanaud Centre ; Melipharm
Partnerships with National Organizations and Institutions : CNRS, INSERM
Partnerships with International Organizations and Institutions : German research Center for Environmental Health, Munich

Industrial applications

Transcriptomics ; Proteomics ; DNA sequencing ; Detection and analysis of genetic polymorphisms ; Support for selecting beef breed animals ; Genomic selection