Presentación del proyecto “Litro de Luz” (Camilo Herrera)

El 16 de septiembre de 2020, en el marco de su labor a favor de las poblaciones vulnerables, la Red Internacional se informa acerca del proyectoLitro de Luz a favor de los más necesitados y aislados en América latina y África, con su creador Camilo Herrera, considerando la posibilidad de una futura colaboración.

  • Están presentes :
  • la Presidenta de la Red ALEC Dra. Dominique Gay-Sylvestre,
  • Mtro. Freddy Galeano, Director del Observatorio sobre los Conflictos (Red ALEC),
  • Mtro. Pierre Mérigaud, Director de la innovación En Autonom’Lab (Limoges, Francia/ALEC)
  • el mayor Elmers Freddy Velandia (Escuela de Guerra, Bogotá, Colombia/ALEC).

“Litro de Luz”

Litro de Luz is a hybrid NGO founded by Camilo Herrera in 2011, currently integrated by 17 full time people, 75% of the board of directors are women. We are the fastest, easiest and cheapest way to bring public lighting with WiFi internet to any place in the world. In the year 2015 the ELIoT® project was created with the objective of bringing internet to regions without electrical energy and to areas affected by armed conflict, also thinking that the solution could be easily installed in disaster areas. . Each ELIoT can extend the internet signal up to 500 meters.

ELIoT is an intelligent solar street light that has the capacity to deploy a wireless WiFi network so that as a community is lit up, an internet access network can be deployed for the inhabitants. Its name means: Energy-Light-Internet of Things and is that in addition to providing internet service and lighting, it has the capacity to deliver offline educational content and charge mobile devices. The first installation was made in Santa Maria del Darien, the first city founded in Latin America more than 500 years ago. Nowadays in Colombia there are 1710 villages that are still lit by candles, on top of that more than 22 million Colombians do not have access to the Internet, this percentage rises to 40% of the population.

Impact:  2703 ELIoTs have been installed in +191 communities in Colombia benefiting +267,000 people, we have graduated 19,000 participants as Ambassadors of Light. Each ELIoT provides 4380 hours of lighting and 8760 hours of internet connectivity throughout the year with zero carbon emissions.


Camilo José Herrera D.

Ashoka Fellow
MIT – TR35
Ambassador of Light / Embajador de Luz
Executive Director Litro de Luz LATAM

Faculté des Lettres et Sciences Humaines
39E Rue Camille-Guérin
87036 LIMOGES Cedex
Tél. +33 (5) 05 55 43 56 00