T0 Meeting

The T0 Meeting was hold during the ElectroCeramics conference in Limoges, chaired by Pascal Marchet:

Main scientific objectives, the management of the project and the liaison with the funding organizations have been discussed.

During the meeting a presentation has been done, where we have reminded that the main objective of the MASTERS project is the introduction of new and improved components with tailored properties by tuned surfaces and coatings, based on advanced ferroelectric and phase change materials inside on-chip reconfigurable antennas at millimeter frequency bands (57 GHz to 64 GHz), while developing the concept into a marketable product. This main objective and the adjacent ones are directly in line with each of the European laboratories partner’s competiveness goalsand Airmems’ client-centered strategy and culture of flexibility in marketable innovation. As industry sectors need smart devices into the millimeter-band frequencies for the future 5G network, the target applications are wide, e.g. well-being applications, information and telecommunication, civil applications (security and safety communications for firemen and rescued teams) and automotive applications.
Compared to the microwaves domain, the operating systems at millimeter waves may offer several superior advantages:
• Firstly, they provide a high level of security and low interference with adjacent networks [1].
• Secondly, because of the large available spectrum (7 GHz bandwidth around 60 GHz), the exchanged information/ data rates can reach very high values, up to 5 Gb/s.
• Finally, compared to devices operating at microwaves frequencies, the size and consumption of similar millimeter-wave systems will be significantly reduced.

Work-packages have been presented with their respective milestones and finally, the draft of the consortium agreement has been validated by all parties.

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