MASTERS is focusing on the integration of new and improved components with tailored properties by tuned surfaces and coatings, i.e. ferroelectric and phase change materials (PCM) inside on-chip reconfigurable millimeter-wave sensors (57 GHz to 64 GHz), while developing the concept into a marketable product. We are targeting novel devices integrating intelligent and advanced functional materials by exploiting both the agility of ferroelectric materials (permittivity change under an electric field) and the capability of PCM to transform reversibly and fast between distinct low- and high- resistivity states without need for power to maintain their existing OFF or ON state. The main objective is intended to meet the future requirements for high frequency sensors, devices and antennas with cutting-edge capabilities: reconfigurable, highly integrated, safe, efficient and low consumption. “Smaller and smarter” by cross disciplinary approach is one of the key-target addressed by the project.


New Journal Paper in IEEE 

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