Organization of conferences/workshops

     GO 60. Levico Terme, Italy, June 22-26 2020 (w/ Elena Angelini, Ada Boralevi, Chiara Brambilla, Daniele Faenzi and Elena Rubei).
     Optimisation Polynomiale et Applications. PGMO DAYS 2019, EDF Lab, Paris Saclay, 4 Dec 2019 (w/ Mohab Safey El Din and Victor Magron).
     Poster Committee of ISSAC 2019, Beijing, China, July 2019 (w/ Jérémy Berthomieu, Stephen Melczer, Wei Niu and Xiaoxian Tang).
     Polynomial Optimization and its Applications. Session at SIAM AG19, Bern, Switzerland, July 2019 (w/ João Gouveia and Timo de Wolff).
     Structured Matrix Days 2019. XLIM, Limoges, France, May 23-24 2019 (w/ Paola Boito).
     Optimisation Sémi-algébrique et Applications. PGMO DAYS 2018, EDF Lab, Paris Saclay, Nov 2018 (w/ Mohab Safey El Din and Victor Magron).
     Structured Matrix Days 2018. ENS Lyon, May 14-15 2018 (w/ Paola Boito, Claude-Pierre Jeannerod, Vincent Neiger, Tristan Vaccon and Gilles Villard).

Upcoming events

     MFO 2010 — Real Algebraic Geometry with a View Toward Hyperbolic Programming and Free Probability. Oberwolfach, Germany, March 1-7, 2020.
     GO 60 — Pure and Applied Algebraic Geometry. Levico Terme, Italy, June 22-26 2020
     MEGA 2021 — Effective Methods in Algebraic Geometry. Tromsø, June 7-11, 2021.

Advising / Tutoring

   Jingchuan Xiao. PhD thesis 2020-2023.

   Khawla Elmalki (M2 ACSYON Univ. Limoges, previously Université de Settat, Maroc). Master's Degree internship, Spring 2020.
      Topic: "Hyperbolic Programming and relaxations".

   Andrii Poliatykin (M2 ACSYON Univ. Limoges, previously Kharkiv National University of Radio Electronics). Master's Degree internship, Spring 2020.
      Topic: "Hyperbolic Polynomials and Hyperbolic Programming".

   Valentin Tobena (Lycée Beaupeyrat, Limoges). Stage, 11-21 Juin 2019.

   Grace Younes (Université de Versailles Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines). Master's Degree internship, Spring 2018.
      Topic: "Efficient Algorithms for Algebraic Relations" (co-advised 50% with Vincent Neiger). Currently PhD student at INRIA Lille.