Séminaires dans des universités nationales et étrangères

[S1] F. Fouchal, A.  Zebair, R. Abdeldjebar, A. Hamouine, Stabilizers effects on the durability of earthen constructions, 3rd FIMM French-Italian meeting on masonry, 27 jan 2017, Rome.

[S2] F. Fouchal, F. Gouny, P. Maillard, L. Ulmet , S. Rossignol,  Mechanical and hygric performances of earth bricks in the masonry construction,  2nd FIMM French Italian Masonry Meeting- Milan,  Italy, 30-31 octobre 2014.

[S3] F. Fouchal, Contribution to the modelling of interfaces in masonry constructions, 1st FIMM French Italian Masonry Meeting Marseille, France, and 24-25 octobre 2013.

[S4] F. Lebon, F. Fouchal,  F. Kuss, C. Pelissou, Sulla modellazione in meccanica del contatto. Dipartimento di Ingegneria 24 novembre 2006, Università di Ferrara, Italy.

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