The goals are to characterize early and accurate biomarkers of ISD effects, graft function over time and graft lesions in kidney and liver transplantation.

Our models and patients include:

  • Kidney and white blood cell lines, as well as primary cell cultures
  • Mice models
  • Prospective cohorts of kidney and liver transplant patients
  • Clinical trials in kidney and liver transplant recipients

Our materials and methods include:

  • DNA, blood, graft and urine samples collected following highly standardized procedures and stored in accredited biobanks.
  • The genomics, mass spectrometry, and bioinformatics facilities of our research institute (BISCEM)
  • Classic molecular and cell biology tools and methods

Our strategy is to combine several models and “omics” to identify the best possible, rather than just “significant”, biomarkers, and go as far as possible towards their clinical transfer, in a bench to bedside (or vice-versa) approach.