Antimicrobials : molecular supports of resistances and therapeutic innovations (RESINFIT)

Antimicrobials : molecular supports of resistances and therapeutic innovations (RESINFIT)


– Director
Tel. : + 33 (0)5 19 56 42 60
Adress : Faculté de Médecine – 2 rue du Docteur Marcland – 87025 LIMOGES CEDEX
Administrative Supervision : Université de Limoges – INSERM
Parent Institute : GEIST
Doctoral School : ED 524 Bio-Santé

Key figures (31/12/2015)

Professors : 8
INSERM researcher : 1
Other researchers : 4
Accreditated to direct research (HDR) : 6
Doctoral Students : 7
Engineers, technicians, administratif staff : 8

Scientific Publication (2011-2014)

Peer reviewed journal : 25
: 2
Book chapters
Thesis defended
: 5
Conference presentations
: 69


Economic Added Value (2011-2014)

Current european project : 1 (No-Pills)


The unit carries out research in two areas :

  • Resistance to antibiotics • Study of integrase expression and integron cassette rearrangement in vitro and in vivo • Integron epidemiology in humans, animals and the environment • Relevance of integrons detection as an antibiotic resistance marker.
  • Cytomegalovirus • Characterization of new CMV mutations observed in transplant patients • Study of the CMV DNA packaging complex for the development of new antiviral drugs targeting this complex • Development of a first trimester placental explant model, cultivated in vitro or transplanted to a SCID mouse to study viral replication kinetics and the impact on the cell environment.

Research themes

Molecular supports of resistances to antimicrobials : – focus on resistance to antibiotics, applying the integron model – focus on resistance to antiviral drugs, applying the cytomegalovirus


Antibiotics ; Cytomegalovirus ; Integrons ; Resistance ; Antiviral Drugs ; Bacteria ; Therapeutic


Marie-Cécile Ploy : Grand Prix Robert Debré Recherche médicale

Equipment / Technical resources

Thermal cycler, real-time PCR equipment, fluorescence microscope, Gel Doc, pulsed-field gel electrophoresis / cell culture / large cytomegalovirus strains bank (National Reference Centre), bacterial strains bank, in particular antibiotics multiresistant strains


Active National University Partnerships : Bacterial Genome Plasticity Unit, Pasteur Institute, Paris ; National Reference Centre for Toxin-Producing Corynebacteria, Pasteur Institute, Paris ; Crystallography and Biological NMR Laboratory, UMR 8015 CNRS, Paris ; Unit of Virus Host Cell Interactions, UJF-EMBL CNRS UMI3265, Grenoble Current International University Partnerships : Virology department, Medical School Hannover, Germany ; Virology Division, Prince of Wales Hospital, Australia ; Oregon Health and Science University School of Medicine, USA National Industrial Partnerships : Biomérieux