Computing topology of space curves

This web page is devoted to some staff about space curves. The participants to the project come from the Mathematics-Computer Sciences department of the Limoges university in the XLIM institut (CNRS) and from the GALAAD project of INRIA Sophia Antipolis.

The computation of the space curves topology is the object of a poster presented to ISSAC 2007 and you can download the pdf file of the poster.

Plane curves

Here you can download a small Maple file containing the functions needed to compute the topology of plane curves. The algorithm is certified, the genricity test give the certification on the output. This work is just experimentale and do not have the pretention to be able to treat too big exemple. Furthermore, the use require to read the file and to adjust variables as Digits before to run the functions. A complete implementation using Mathemagix is in progress and

Space curves

Here is the Maple file containing the functions for implicit space curves.

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