D. homepage

Welcome to my homepage !

My name is Damien André and I am happy that you visit my homepage. I am conducting researches on the Discrete Element Method (DEM) and its application to brittle materials such as ceramics and refractories. The following funny video shows an application of the developed method.

BCT : Bunny Crash Test

This simulation was conducted thanks to the GranOO software, that i co-develop since 2009.

Actually, I am associate professor in the industrial ceramic department of the Ensil-Ensci engineering school and I am doing scientific researches inside the Ircer laboratory.

Main numerical developments

I enjoy for numerical tool development applied to thermo-mechanical problems. You will find below a non-exhaustive list of my software developments.

GranOO, a C++ and python workbench for developing discrete element simulations. GranOO is not a software. GranOO is a collection of C++ libraries that form the GranOO's API and a collection of specific tools that help users for building a DEM simulation.

GranOO is available on GNU/Linux, Windows and Mac OS X.
OpenMeca, a graphical application able to simulate articulated rigid bodies linked by mechanical joints. OpenMeca is based on the chronoengine library. The aim of openmeca is to provide a software for simulating mechanical systems easily. OpenMeca allow us to builds a 3D sketch, where the bonds are represented by symbols and gives a simple way to apply loading and boundary conditions. Thanks to numerical sensors, different kind of data (force, torque, displacement, velocity, etc.) could be extracted from the simulation.

OpenMeca is available on GNU/Linux, Windows and Mac OS X.
pyrfda, an android application able to measure elastic constants of materials. The Resonant Frequency Damping Analysis (RFDA) is a smart method to measure the elasticity of materials such as Young's modulus and shear modulus. The RFDA method uses the sound produced by the natural vibrations of an impacted piece of material to evaluate its elastic properties. You can download the android application (apk) here.
pydic, is a python suite for local digital image correlation. From a set of pictures, pydic can compute the displacement and the strain fields inside a zone of interest. The main problem with the local digital image correlation is the induced noise. pydic embeds a set of numerical tools for reducing this noise and computing smoothed strain fields.
Mechamatic, is a smart interface to the pydic and pyRFDA projects. It allows online usage (inside web pages) of these two techniques without any fastidious installation procedure of software !

All these developments are freely available, feel free to use them for any purpose!