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Maître de Conférences en Sciences Economiques
LAPE, Université de Limoges, 5 rue Félix Eboué, 87031 Limoges, France
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Research topics/ Domaines de recherche

Inclusive Growth (SME finance, microfinance, household finance), Financial Stability (bank risk and performance)


Articles in refereed/peer-reviewed journals

1a. "Can informal firms hurt registered SMEs’ access to credit," with I. Distinguin & C. Rugemintwari, World Development, 84, pp. 18-40. August 2016.

1b. Corrigendum to "Can informal firms hurt registered SMEs’ access to credit," World Development, 88, p. 201. December 2016.

2. "The impact of minority foreign ownership and controlling shareholder on bank risk and performance in an emerging economy," Managerial Finance, Vol. 41, Issue : 5, 2015. 2015.

3. "Is bank income diversification beneficial ? Evidence from an emerging economy," with C. Meslier and A. Tarazi, Journal of International Financial Markets, Institutions and Money, 31 (C), July 2014, pp. 97-126 . 2014.

4. "The impact of governance and institutional quality on MFI outreach and financial performance in Sub-Saharan Africa," with T. Barry, World Development, 58 (C), June 2014, pp. 1-20. 2014.

Other Publication

"Assessing Mandated Credit Programs : Case Study of the Magna Carta in the Philippines," with N. Khor & R. Jacildo,Journal of Governance and Regulation, Volume 5, Issue 3, Summer 2016 (Also published in Asian Development Bank Economics Working Paper Series No. 463 2015. Asian Growth Institute Working Paper Series, WPS, Vol. 2016-9, April 2016. )

Working Papers & Works in Progress

1. Ownership concentration, bank risk and institutional quality : Evidence from less developed economies, with C. Meslier & A. Tarazi.

2. Local banking market structures and SME access to financing obstacles.

3. Determinants of bank SME lending and impact of mandated credit programs on SME lending and default risk, with N. Khor & R. Jacildo.

4. SME financing behaviour and lending technologies : Evidence from a survey of banks in an emerging economy, with N. Khor & R. Jacildo.

5. Persistence of household over-indebtedness and its determinants : evidence from Europe, with Y. Xie.

6. Impact of consumer protection policies on MFI outreach strategies and repayment performance : implications on over-indebtedness