CUTE I2 leader

Stéphanie Durand-Panteix, Engineer, University of Limoges


Six patents have been issued by CRIBL Laboratory and are mainly based on the development of transgenic animal models in relation to immunogenetics and therapeutic approach using trace antisense.

The biotechnology company B Cell Design was a start-up created in December 2007 to promote an innovation developed at the CRIBL laboratory: the production of humanized chimeric antibodies from transgenic models. Patents 1 and 2 are under exclusive license from B Cell Design. Patent 3 has been co-filed with B Cell Design which has the exclusive license.

Currently, scientific advances in the laboratory are helping to increase the development potential of the company and allow opening up to new markets. The development of the use of antisense oligonucleotides (Patent No. 4) to produce truncated immunoglobulins is currently being supported as part of a maturation program by the SATT GC.


List of patents

1. Non-human transgenic mammal for the constant region of the class A human immunoglobulin heavy chainand applications thereof.

Inventors : Cogné M, Sirac C, Bardel M, Decourt C, Le Morvan C.

European patent N°04805265.8 du 21/10/04.

2. Transgenic mice for the constant region of the G-class human immunoglobulin heavy chain.

Inventors : Cogné M, Duchez S, Cogné N, Pinaud E.

European patent N°0.9713778.0.8 du 22/01/2009.

3. Transgenic non-human mammal for producing chimeric human immunoglobulin E antibodies.

Inventors : Cogné M, Laffleur B, Cuvillier A, Bosselut M.

European patent n°13305964.2 du 05/07/2013.

4.Use of antisens Oligonucleotides for producing truncated Ig by exon skipping for the treatment of diseases involving B cells.

Inventors : Delpy L, Srour N, Cogné M

Patent FR20150061252 du 23/11/2015

5. Chimeric protein in the treatment of amyloidosis.

Inventors : De Romeuf C, Sirac C.

Patent FR20130060702

6. Recombinant immunoglobulins of a new IgG5 class, encoded by the human heavy chain pseudo-gamma gene.

Inventor : Cogné M

Patent FR20180053681


Knowledge transfer

Since 2015, the CRIBL laboratory has created the CUTE-I2 structure (Structure of Technological Upgrading in Immunology and Immunotherapy) dedicated to valuation and transfer activities in the fields of immunotherapy and onco-hematology.

Stéphanie Durand-Panteix, PhD, project manager and leader of this unit is also the valuation correspondent with the INSB of the CNRS for the CRIBL laboratory.

CUTE-I2 provides support to the researchers of the unit in exchanges with the socio-economic world and works in close collaboration with AVRUL for the establishment of contractualization and on questions concerning intellectual property.

One of the major projects of CUTE-I2 was the CARAT project (Consortium for Applications in Radio Alpha Therapies) which benefited from the support of BPI France. This project (Orano Med leader) involving 2 French SMEs (Triskem and Eveon), a CNRS laboratory in Nantes (Subatech), the Nuclear Medicine Service of the CHU of Limoges and the CRIBL laboratory, aims to develop a production pathway for lead212, a rare radioactive isotope with the aim of treating cancers for which the therapeutic arsenal is limited.

In Limoges, CRIBL and the Nuclear Medicine Department of the CHU have joined forces in this project to carry out preclinical studies on 3 onco-hematological pathologies.

The CALYM Carnot Institute (Consortium for the Acceleration of Innovation and its Transfer in the Field of Lymphoma) is a consortium of 20 research teams specializing in lymphoma to which the CRIBL laboratory belongs as well as hospitals spread over the National territory.   CUTE-I2 works in close collaboration with CALYM to develop the range of technical services to accelerate innovations in the field of lymphoma.