maternofoetalMother-to-fetus infection sensing

Dear colleagues,

Each year, CNR HERPESVIRUS identifies all the cases of congenital Cytomegalovirus infection at national level (CMV).

We would like you to report any cases of CMV infection identified during pregnancy and congenital infections diagnosed during pregnancy and / or in children.

Reporting CMV congenital infections is now available online via the voozanoo platform of the company EPICONCEPT. The CCTIRS (n ° 15-102) and the CNIL (French Data protection authority) (n ° DR-2015-640) gave formal approval to the CNR to conduct this census online.

An access will be created upon receipt of your agreement.

Allowing you to report:

  • cases that happened in 2017,
  • prospect cases.

Implementing the prospect statement is important: legislation provides with the people whose data (demographic, clinical, biological) are stored in the CNR database to be informed.

A reminder :

– if the data is about the future mother and the fetus, an information note to the mother is sufficient,

– if it concerns the newborn, a consent form must be signed by family relatives with parental authority,

– from 6 years old, the child must fill out a short age-appropriate language information note .

A lot of data calling upon several specialties is required. Only fill in the parts corresponding to your specialty, and declare your colleagues in other specialties.


The entire CNR team is at your disposal and thanks you for your collaboration.