What do our previous students say about us?


anassAnass, class of 2017 I have always been fascinated by mathematics and their interactions. Yet, after completing my bachelor’s degree, I opted for a master degree specialized on optimization and numerical analysis. Therefore, I started out a master 1 shared between university of Settat (Morocco) and the university of Limoges, most courses of the Moroccan M1 provided me with sufficient theoretical parts of optimization and PDEs, whereas the M1-acsyon permitted to discover their practical aspects, it was exactly « applying mathematics beyond books ». The next year, I enrolled immediately on the M2-acsyon, the courses proposed therein offered undoubtedly to me the possibility of receiving a complete training on numerical optimization, PDEs analysis and computer programming. Furthermore, they gave me the opportunity to develop and ameliorate my skills on the application of mathematical tools on concrete problems. The M2 trainings led me to a research internship at ISAE-Supaero (Toulouse) and enabled me to work in interdisciplinary environment of a highly qualified academic level. My subject was about improving some numerical schemes for a class of PDEs. Thus, as a logical continuation of my internship objectives, I signed a doctoral contract to prepare a PhD thesis in a French-German project at ISAE. In conclusion, I had never expected that the master Acsyon could be so critical for my career and could help me to achieve my study projects. For these reasons, I would heartily recommend the Master Acsyon to other students and i would encourage them to enjoy and exploit the trainings.


photo_sana 1Sana, class of 2017 After Obtaining my Master degree in Morocco, I wanted to acquire more specialized knowledge in optimization that will allow me to continue my research in applied mathematics and prepare a PhD. For this reason I enrolled in the second year of the Master ACSYON 2016/2017. M2 ACSYON program is very rich and proposes various theoretical and numerical courses about optimization and non-smooth calculus. Moreover, the professors are of a high level in their domain, and they are always available to help and answer student’s questions. I did my internship at ENAC research Lab in Toulouse, under the supervision of a professor at ENAC (école nationale de l’aviation civile) who is also the responsible of a master in Toulouse. During this six-months internship, I worked on the optimization of helicopter procedures for noise abatement, and I had the opportunity to apply knowledge I acquired from the optimization courses at ACSYON. I will soon  start my first year of the PhD at ENAC in collaboration with ISAE-supaero, and the topic of my thesis is « coupling  operational research methods with machine learning for sequencing aircraft landing in an airport ». I am very happy that I chose Master ACSYON program which gave me a solid knowledge and allowed me to enter the scientific research world.


22199026_10155587175306142_1647166997_oAli, class of 2017 After maintaining a Master 1 degree in pure Mathematics from the Lebanese University, Faculty of Sciences, I headed towards the master ACSYON in University of Limoges, in order to gain more knowledge and experience in the wide spectrum of Applied Mathematics, especially the Optimization area. All the teachers and instructors are specialists and experts in their do- mains, with constant assistance and unceasing encouragement throughout my studying and internship time. I had the pleasure to do my internship with Prof. Ruatta and Prof. Bourdin in the XLIM laboratory, for which I can say that it was a great step towards enriching my research work with much more practical knowl- edge. I am currently a first year phd student under the supervision of Prof. Barkatou and Prof. Cluzeau, thanks to a doctoral contract. To sum up, I can say, on the behalf of my classmates, that the master ACSYON is the complete program for sustaining a high level in field of scientific research, through theoretical and practical courses, and I advise future students to apply for this master for it’s many benefits.


PhotoNguyenNguyen, class of 2014 I am a third year Phd student at the XLIM laboratory. My thesis is about the infeasibility detection in nonlinear optimization which is prepared under the supervision of Prof. Paul Armand. Master ACSYON contributed to me a good foundation for my current research. After graduating from Quy Nhon University (Vietnam), I took part in the online training course of master 1 ACSYON. I continued to study the second year of master ACSYON in the academic year 2014-2015. Thanks to experienced and enthusiasm faculty members, I was provided with very interesting and useful knowledge in both the theoretical areas and the applied ones. During this academic year, I also joined an internship program about the application of optimization in the emission tomography in CHU d’Angers. The internship helped me to understand more about the practical application of mathematics in real life. Whether you love pure math or applied math, I encourage you to come to master ACSYON. It will be a good preparation for your future research.


rammalHadia, class of 2010 I come from Lebanon and I decided to continue my training in France by enrolling in the Master       ACSYON. I found this formation to be very complete. The instructors are experts in their scientific    domains and always available to answer students’ questions. I did my internship at the XLIM laboratory with prof. Adly and then enrolled in the PhD program, to work on complementarity problems. The Master ACSYON gave me an effective training in optimization, which has proved to be crucial for my research work. I am now in my third year as a PhD student. My scholarship is funded by a doctoral contract. I have also taken up teaching duties, which allow me to make my first steps in the field of higher education. I am very happy with my choice of studying in Limoges. Life here is very pleasant. In conclusion, I am highly satisfied with the Master ACSYON, which gave me solid bases to enter the world of scientific research.


omheni Riadh, class of 2011 After obtaining a first-year master’s degree in Mathematics and Computer Science, I wished to acquire more specialized knowledge in optimization. For this reason I enrolled in the second-year ACSYON program in 2010-2011. I took part in theoretical and practical courses, gave oral presentations and attended high-level lectures offered by renowned speakers. I did my internship at ENSEEIHT in Toulouse, where my advisor was one of these external instructors. During this six-months internship I had the opportunity of applying the knowledge I had acquired: in fact, I developed a new method and heuristics for minimizing the energy required by an electric vehicule. I am now a PhD student at the XLIM laboratory, thanks to a doctoral contract. My advisor is prof. Armand. The topic of my thesis is the design of primal-dual methods for semi-definite nonlinear optimization.


jalouli Achref, class of 2012 During my first-year master studies, I followed online courses of numerical optimization and PDEs given by teachers at the University of Limoges. This was my first approach to applied mathematics, since my bachelor degree is in pure mathematics. The following academic year, 2011-2012, I enrolled in the Master ACSYON. Here I could apply my theoretical knowledge to solve problems in technology, physics and engineering. At the end of the master, I went to Germany to do an internship at the University of Duisburg-Essen. The training offered by the Master ACSYON is diverse, rich and complete. It provides effective tools in numerical computation and computer algebra for solving scientific problems. Since September 2012 I am a PhD student at the University of Limoges, with a doctoral contract that includes teaching duties. My research work is done at the XLIM laboratory under the supervision of prof. Barkatou. Moreover, I teach at the Department of Mathematics. I am happy with my choice and I definitely encourage prospective students to apply for the Master ACSYON.