Admission Requirements

First year of the master (M1):

  • The candidates must have previously completed an undergraduate Licence level diploma (European LMD) or an equivalent degree such as Bachelor’s degree in Science (BSc) or in Engineering (Beng) that includes courses in pure and applied mathematics.
  • English language proficiency required.

Second year of the master (M2):

  • Students who have acquired 60 ECTS at Master Level of the European system LMD (or equivalent) and can demonstrate skills and knowledge equivalent to the first year of ACSYON may directly join the second year.
  • English language proficiency mandatory.

Application procedures

Before any administrative procedure, student interested by the master must contact directly those responsible of the master. All applicants must supply the following documents:

  • Detailed and complete curriculum vitae
  • Academic transcripts from the most recently completed semester or year. Transcripts in languages other than English or French must be accompanied by an English or French translation provided by the institution issuing the transcript or by a certified translator.
  • Letters of recommendation. Applicants are required to ask at least two instructors familiar with their work to send letters of recommendation on letterhead with original signatures.
  • Motivation essay. Applicants should submit a statement of no more than one page outlining their general academic interests and their reasons for applying to ACSYON.
  • In addition, applicants whose mother tongue is not English and who have not completed an undergraduate or graduate degree from a recognized foreign institution where English is the language of instruction are required to submit documented proof of competency in oral and written English.


  • For foreign students whose country of residence joins CAMPUS France must submit their applications on CAMPUS France (Reference 23594-12207) before March 12, 2020. This is required to enter to French terrirory.

All applications are done online.

After your application is reviewed by the teaching committee and successful, you will receive the instructions to make your administrative registration file.

  • For any administrative information, contact Master’s Office « Scolarité – Bureau des Masters » Faculté des Sciences et Techniques 123, avenue Albert Thomas 87060 Limoges (FRANCE) tél : +33 (0)5 55 45 74 02.
  • Other informations are available on the website of the Sciences et Technology Faculty.