Excellence scholarships 2017

university limoges Excellence Scholarships 2017

The University of Limoges offers for the universitary year 2017/2018 an annual program of Excellence scholarships in partnership with its Foundation and Nouvelle-Aquitaine region.

Rules of excellence scholarships 2017

  • Excellence of the application.
  • Registration in a Master degree at the University of Limoges
  • Wish to pursue in doctoral studies at the University of Limoges
  • 2 types of scholarships: 2.500€ or 5.000€ – The amount of the scholarship will be decided by the person in charge of the master degree.

How to apply

  1. Get in touch with Campus France to do the registration procedure (if your country belongs to the process « Etudes en France »).
  2. Fill in the application form before April 1st 2017 and download the required documents. Be careful! Any file that is not complete or not legible will not be considered as valid and will be refused (field blank, missing document).
  3. The list of the successful candidates will be published on our website during the month of May 2017. Those candidates will receive a scholarship notice.
  4. After this notice sent, the candidates will have 15 days to confirm their registration in the required courses with the person in charge of the course. Moreover they will have to confirm that they want the scholarship.

Choose your Master!

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