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X-ray analysis service

Scientific activity

  • Qualitative analysis
  • Quantitative analysis
  • Structure analysis :
    • Powder and single crystal structure determination of new ceramic compounds
    • Structural modelling of glasses (using pair distribution function)
  • Microstructural analysis by XRD line broadening analysis : microstresses, stacking and growth faults, particle size
  • Nanometer scale organization study by Small Angle X-Ray Scattering
  • Some significant publications :

    • Epitaxial heterostructures :
      Characterization of stacking faults in thick 3C-SiC crystals using high resolution diffuse X-ray scattering,
      J. Cryst. Growth, 2008, 310, 982-987
    • TeO2-based materials for non linear optics :
      GeTe2O6, a germanium tellurate (IV) with an open framework,
      Acta Cryst. Section C, 2009, C65, i23-i26
    • Multi-scale and multi-material devices for new technologies of power production :
      Lanthanum- and oxygen- deficient crystal structures of oxide-ion conducting apatite- type silicates,
      J. Am. Ceram. Soc., 2008, 91, 3714-3720
    • High-temperature materials and solid state reactivity :
      Role of boron on the spark plasma sintering of an a-SiC powder,
      J. Eur. Ceram. Soc., 2008, 28, 1881-1890
    • Clays and geological materials analysis :
      Structural transformations of muscovite at high temperature by X-ray and neutron diffraction,
      Appl. Clay Sci., 2008, 38, 259-267


  • Human ressources

2 engineers.

  • Equipements

9 XRD diffractometers (powder, single crystals, epitaxial thin film layers)

    • Commercial instruments :
    • - 2 diffractometers in Bragg-Brentano geometry (Theta -2 Theta)
      D5000 Bruker diffractometer
      D8 Advance Bruker diffractometer with Anton Paar HTK 1200N temperature chamber
      - INEL diffractometer in Debye-Scherrer geometry with CPS 590 curved detector
      - Nonius Kappa CCD diffractometer for single crystal diffraction

    • Specific instruments developed at laboratory :
    • - Small angle X-ray scattering diffractometer
      - Diffractometer in Debye-Scherrer geometry with CPS 120 curved detector
      - X-ray total scattering diffractometer
      - High resolution X-ray diffractometer on epitaxial thin films
      - X-ray reflectometer

  • Softwares
    • Commercial softwares : Diffrac, Topas, Fullprof…
    • Specific softwares developed at the laboratory : Peakoc, XTSScan


Ressources of the X-ray service are available to CEC members (SPCTS and GEMH laboratories, ENSCI engineering school).

The X-ray service may also carry out expertises, external services and training action for public institutions or companies.

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