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Precursors and nanostructures


René Guinebretière : rene.guinebretiere


This activity deals with two topics.

One concerns the elaboration by the sol-gel process of powders, bulk materials and thin films. We develop an approach based on condensed matter physics and devoted to the understanding of processes, which take place far from the thermodynamic equilibrium and allow obtaining controlled microstructures. Controlled phase separation processes are used to elaborate diphasic materials made of nanosized crystals embedded in silica matrix. Moreover, post deposition thermal treatment of thin film deposited by sol-gel process allow to realize ordered 2D nanostructures made of Nano crystals on vicinal surfaces of alumina single crystals.

The second topic of our approach concerns the microstructure analysis of nanostructured materials. This quantitative characterization is essentially based on scattering and X-rays diffraction. An important part of this aspect is devoted to the instrumentation and especially to the design of prototype setups of X-ray diffraction adapted to the microstructure study of these complex objects.

Study by small-angle X-ray scattering of process of phase separation in SiO2-SnO2 xerogels
AFM picture of a vicinal surface of alumina single crystal nanostructured at 1250°C (miscut angle of 10°)   Observation by grazing incidence small-angle scattering of periodic organization of steps on a surface of alumina single crystals.
The miscut angle of the single crystal allows choosing the step wavelength.


  • Sol-gel precursors and materials with phase separation in non-equilibrium.
  • Thin films and self-organized nanostructures.

Key facts

  1. Y. C. Wu, W. Hamd, E. Thune, A. Boulle, C. Rochas, R. Guinebretière
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    J. non Cryst. Solids 355 (2009) 951-959

  2. W. Hamd, Y. C. Wu, A. Boulle, E.Thune, R. Guinebretière
    Microstructural study of SnO2 thin layers deposited on sapphire by sol gel dip coating
    Thin Solid Films 518 (2009) 1-5

  3. E.Thune, A. Boulle, D. Babonneau, F. Pailloux, W. Hamd, O. Preziosa, R. Guinebretière
    Nanostructuration of sapphire vicinal surface as template for the growth of self-organized oxide nanostructures
    Appl. Surf. Sci. 256 (2009) 924–928

  4. W. Hamd, A. Boulle, E. Thune, R. Guinebretière
    A new way to prepare tin oxide precursor polymeric gels
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