Ultrafast Infrared Source Development Post-doctoral Opportunity

Positions are available to develop novel ultra-broadband IR sources and contribute to ultrafast vibrational spectroscopy and dynamics of interfaces.  Current projects include:

 A) Development of ultrabroadband IR optical parametric amplifiers.

We have developed novel ultra-broadband (~3000 cm-1, 90 THz), infrared optical parametric amplifiers (OPAs), and demonstrated sub 30 fs operation (< 3 optical cycles) at 3300 nm. Objectives are to increase the pulse energy and the bandwidth, reduce the pulsewidth and push to longer wavelengths (l>3500 nm).

Boulesbaa, Abdelaziz; Isaienko, Oleksandr; Tuladhar, Aashish; Borguet, Eric

Optics Letters, Vol. 38 Issue 23, pp.5008-5011 (2013)

B) Ultrafast vibrational spectroscopy and dynamics at interfaces

Our experiments reveal vibrational relaxation of the OH stretch of H2O at the silica/water interface to be much slower than in bulk H2O when the surface is neutral, and appears to accelerate when the silica surface is charged. Ultrafast SFG dynamics of interfacial HDO reveals spectral diffusion and increased H bonding with surface charge.

Candidate should be experienced with ultrafast lasers, and optical parametric amplification.  Expertise in femtosecond pump-probe spectroscopy and SFG is a plus.  Ph.D. in Chemistry, Physics or related discipline, awarded in the last five years, is necessary. Strong communication skills are essentialCompetitive compensation is available for well qualified individuals.  The project involves collaboration with a partner interested in licensing our OPA technology.

 Borguet Ultrabroadband OPA Postdoc ad

Interested candidates should send a CV to: 

Professor of Chemistry
Department of Chemistry
130 Beury Hall
Temple University
1901 N. 13th Street
Philadelphia, PA 19122

Office  (215) 204-9696  room 252
* Fax   (215) 204-9530


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