Post-Doctoral Proposal : Electronically Steerable 3D-Antennas for Radar Applications


Current RF-Seekers use mechanical steerable antennas. In order to reduce the cost of the mechanical system and to enhance the steering sensitivity of the radar, we propose to replace any mechanical antenna components with an electrically controlled 3D antenna arrays. 3D antenna arrays can be easily produced with existing manufacturing technologies and offer significant advantages in terms of miniaturization, integration and performances. The main objectives of this project are:

1) to design a novel 3-dimensional shape antenna by combining 3D SIW excitation structures with a conformal metalized area which supports the radiating slots,

2) to design novel 3D power divider structures by combining spatially distributed SIW excitation waveguides and a set of single input multiple output switches,

The successful candidate will be expected to analyze, design, manufacture and characterize new antenna solutions for the radar.

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