Ph D Student in Computer Graphics

Hi ! My name is Nicolas Pavie, and I'm currently in a Ph. D. student position at the XLIM institute in the Mathematics and Information Technologies Department, in the realistic images synthesis team. My thesis subject, under the direction of Djamchid Ghazanfarpour and Guillaume Gilet, is the procedural generation and rendering of details related to vegetations in realistic virtual scenes

Thesis subject

Interactive 3D applications nowadays aim at a drastic increase in quality and complexity of graphical content, especially for computer-generated natural sceneries. This, however, raises several issues, such as definitions of new content authoring methods, efficient storage and interactive display techniques. This thesis will focus on these issues by using procedural approaches. The key idea is to compute such details directly during rendering by using pseudo-random mechanisms. The main axis of this work will be the study of such methods to produce natural stochastic phenomenon (clouds, complex vegetation...) directly into 3D space. The objective of this thesis is to derive a procedural model using several input data sources (pictures, 3D models,...), to propose a compact storing scheme and an efficient rendering methods with multi-scale filtering to produce high-quality rendering of natural sceneries.


Reports, publications and talks

Master ISICG study report, June 2012 : génération procédurale de champs d'herbe - PDF
GT rendu (workshop on rendering), march 2013 : rendu procédural d'herbe par bruit de convolution - Presentation
WSCG 2016 : Procedural Texture Synthesys by Locally Controlled Spot Noise - Presentation


I'm currently teaching IT at the Faculty of Science and Technology (FST) of Limoges.

2012 - 2013

FST : Algorithmic, C Language, Computer's architecture
MMI : Algorithmic

2013 - 2015

FST : C Language, Computer's architecture, IHM for android devices
MMI : Algorithmic, Image processing

2015 - 2016

FST : C Language, Computer's architecture, IHM for android devices, Parallel Computing, GPGPU, Unix system programming

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