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Constructive, Experimental, and Nonlinear Analysis  Michel Théra, Editor

Livre publié par l'American Mathematical Society dans la série Canadian Mathematical Society Proceedings Series - sortie juillet 2000
This volume presents twenty original refereed papers on different aspects of modern analysis, including analytic and computational number theory, symbolic and numerical computation, theoretical and computational optimization, and recent developments in nonsmooth and functional analysis with applications to control theory.
 These papers originated largely from a conference held in  conjunction with the  Doctorate Honoris Causa awarded to  Jonathan Borwein at Limoges in 1999. As such they reflect the areas in which Dr. Borwein has worked.
 In addition to providing a snapshot of research in the field of modern analysis, the papers suggest some of the directions this research is following at the beginning of the millennium.
    Ill-Posed Variational Problems and Regularization Techniques

      Michel Théra, and RainerTichatschke,  Editors

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    Set-convergence in Nonlinear Analysis and Optimization Hedy Attouch, and   Michel Théra,  Editors

        Special issue of Set-Valued Analysis,  2, 1 & 2, Kluwer academic, 1994

    Fixed Point Theory and Applications Michel Théra, and Jean-Bernard Baillon,  Editors

        Pitman research Notes in Mathematics Series, n° 252, Longman Scientific Tecnical 1991