Rapport de recherche n° 2000-15

Auteur : Abdellatif Moudafi, Michel Théra

Titre : Ergodic Convergence to a Zero of the Extended Sum

Nbre de pages :

Documents : Article (PDF)

Abstract : In this note we show that the splitting scheme of Passty (7) as well as the barycentric-proximal method of Lehdili & Lemaire (4) can be used to approximate a zero of the extended sum of maximal monotone operators. When the extended sum is maximal monotone, we extend the convergence result obtained by Lehdili & Lemaire for convex functions to the case of maximal monotone operators. Moreover, we recover the main convergence results by Passty and Lehdili & Lemaire when the pointwise sum of the involved operators is maximal monotone.


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