Hounsossou et al. (2015) – Knowledge, attitudes, and behavior among key people involved in the employment of people with epilepsy in southern Benin.

Hounsossou CH, Queneuille JP, Ibinga E, Preux PM, Dalmay F,Druet-Cabanac M, Houinato D.

Epilepsy Behav. 2015 Jan;42:153-8- Accès libre Accès réservé

PURPOSE: This study aimed to investigate knowledge, attitudes, and behavior among individuals working to achieve, or promote, the employment and retention in employment of people with epilepsy (PWE) in Benin.

METHODS:We interviewed 300 subjects using a self-administered questionnaire.

RESULTS: Knowledge: 93% had heard of epilepsy; 8.8% had at least one person with epilepsy (PWE) in their family; and 67.3% had witnessed a person having epileptic seizures. Attitudes and behavior: 95.3% and 95%, respectively, expressed their views that PWE should be able to enter mainstream education and that PWE should marry; 76.4% considered PWE equal to themselves; and 28.6% reported they would not hire a PWE. We found some associations between demographic characteristics and knowledge, attitudes, and behavior among respondents. A few unhelpful aspects of knowledge, attitudes, and behavior were identified.

CONCLUSIONS: Our study showed a fairly high level of accurate knowledge of epilepsy, but some misperceptions and unhelpful attitudes and practices toward PWE in Benin were noted. This study’s findings can be used to help plan appropriate strategies based on correcting misperceptions concerning inclusion and retention in employment of PWE in Benin.

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KEYWORDS: Attitude; Benin; Epilepsy; Knowledge

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