Articles récents

Cette page vous présente les cinq dernières publications des membres de l’équipe HAVAE :


1. Compagnat M, Mandigout S, Chaparro D, Salle J-Y, Daviet J-C. Predicting the oxygen cost of walking in hemiparetic stroke patients. Annals of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine (2018), Elsevier Masson; 61(5) : 309-314.


2. Perrochon A, Mandigout S, Petruzzellis A, Soria Garcia N, Zaoui M et al. The influence of age in women in visuo-spatial memory in reaching and navigation tasks with and without landmarks. Neruoscience Letters (2018); 684 : 13-17.


3.  Subirats M, Allali A, Briansoulet M, Sallé A, Perrochon A, et al. Age and gender differences in motor imagery. Journal of the Neurological Sciences (2018) ; 391 : 114-117.


4.  Compagnat M, Mandigout S, Chaparro D, Daviet J-C, Salle J-Y. Validity of the Actigraph GT3x and influence of the sensor positioning for the assessment of active energy expenditure during four activities of daily living in stroke subjects. Clinical Rehabilitation (2018) : pp.269215518788116.


5. Tchalla A, Clément J-P, Saulnier I, Beaumatin B, Lachal F, et al. Predictors of rapid cognitive decline in patients with mild-to-moderate Alzheimer Disease: a prospective cohort study with 12-month follow-up performed in Memory Clinics. Dementia and Geriatric Cognitive Disorders (2018) ; 45(1-2) : 55-65.


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