Université de Limoges Laboratoire Xlim

ALEL 2012 Conference

2-4 Juillet 2012

Université de Limoges
123, Avenue Albert Thomas
87060, Limoges France

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  • ALEL 2012 Conference:

    The current edition of the ALEL 2012 Meeting is co-organized by the University of Limoges (co-Chair: Michel Théra) and Universidad de Alicante (co-chair: Marco López-Cerdá). It is also supported by the University of Alicante, the University Miguel Hernández of Elche, the Région Limousin, the University of Limoges, XLIM and the French CNRS GDR MOA.

  • Aim and Scope:

    This is the fourth edition of a two-days and half international workshop organized with the aim of promoting a broad exchange of information and new developments in optimization theory and its applications. This includes convex and nonsmooth analysis, numerical methods, semi-infinite optimization, among others. The first edition took place at the University of Limoges, while the second one was developed at the University of Alicante and the third one at Castro-Urdiales. The primary goal of the current edition is to consolidate a strong network in Optimization and Applied Analysis which connects some prestigious researchers in Spain and in France in relation to some other collaborators through some scientific projects such as ECOS Project with Chile, Australian Research Council Discovery Project with Australia, etc. As a result the schedule is built under a limited number of talks, with no parallel sessions, and many discussions.

  • Registration and fees:

    The official registration will be done through the web page from around March 2012. The registration fee will be of 150€ and it will cover all meals (lunches from Monday to Wednesday and dinners of Monday and Tuesday), coffee breaks and conference materials.

  • Event:

    During the meeting (in the afternoon of Wednesday) there will be a special place dedicated to the Doctorate Honoris Causa of Professor Marco López-Cerdá.

  • Important dates :

    • Registration deadline 1st June 2012
  • Sponsors :

    Université de Alicante Université de Limoges Région limousin
    Universidad Elche Laboratoire Xlim GDR_MOA
  • Renseignements / Information : alel2012@unilim.fr
  • Mentions légales

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