According to the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS), a two years master’s program is worth 120 ECTS (60 per year). First year of the master

  • Six courses are delivered in English and online by the University of Limoges. The online courses are MOOC-like. Each course is worth 3 ECTS = 18 ECTS for the whole. All the courses are in English.
  • The reminder of 42 ECTS are delivered either on-site and in French at the University of Limoges or in a partner university. At the present time, our partners are : University of Pisa (Italy), University of Quy Nhon (Vietnam), University of Sfax (Tunisia), University of Bodo (Burkina Faso), Lebanese University (Lebanon), University of Settat (Morocco). A double diploma is delivered with partner universities.

Second year of the master

  • There are two semesters. Each semester is worth 30 ECTS. The first semester is on-site at the University of Limoges. All courses are in English. The second semester is an internship either in a French or foreign research lab or private compagny.
  • With a partner university, to get a double Master’s degree. One semester at the University of Limoges plus one semester in the partner university.

Description of the teaching units.