I come from Lebanon and I decided to continue my training in France by enrolling in the Master ACSYON.  I found this formation to be very complete. The instructors are experts in their scientific domains and always available to answer students’ questions.  I did my internship at the XLIM laboratory with prof. Adly and then enrolled in the PhD program, to work on complementarity problems. The Master ACSYON gave me an effective training in optimization, which has proved to be crucial for my research work.  I am now in my third year as a PhD student. My scholarship is funded by a doctoral contract. I have also taken up teaching duties, which allow me to make my first steps in the field of higher education. I am very happy with my choice of studying in Limoges. Life here is very pleasant. In conclusion, I am highly satisfied with the Master ACSYON,  which gave me solid bases to enter the world of scientific research.